Mashup Course


Russian Language!

A four-hour exclusive course on mashups (mashup, edit, blend, flip, etc. - it's all the same) from KIDY.


Course program:

- Where to get ideas for mashups and match songs for each other

- Complete review of Ableton for beginners (understandable even for those who have never opened the program or used other DAW)

- Mashups from songs in different keys

- Mashups from songs at different speeds

- Multi-track mashups and acapellas

- Mashups in different musical styles

- Using samples and plugins in mashups

- How to cut any instrument or vocal from a track

- How to make cut vocals sound good

- Using the acapella as an instrument

- How to use mashups in order to be more popular, more in demand, and earn more money



- 9 mashup Ableton projects were done in the course

- tone table

- Hotkeys.

Price150 $

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