Course "mixes"


4-hour course on writing mixes.
Writing two mixes in Ableton from scratch, in the style of House and Open Format, together with DJ KIDY. Full review and explanation.

How to assemble a playlist and harmoniously arrange the order of the tracks.
Use of samples, effects, acapellas.
Adding scratches to the mix.
How to remove bad moments from a live mix.
Mix mastering.
How to use Transition tracks in Ableton.
As I wrote the Mixtura podcast (over 100 tracks in an hour).
How to make an hourly mix in 15 minutes.
Recording a mix from DJ equipment.
How to cut a mix into tracks.
How to add tags to files.
How to make an Instagram story with a mix.
Promotion and distribution of the mix.
And many more interesting things!

Price40 $

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